VELA Twist 100EF

VELA Twist combines the unique benefits of the work chair and the wheelchair in one product. You get the work chair’s comfort and height adjustment, and the wheelchair mobility.

Flexible Mobility

VELA Twist is very light to move and can be both shifted and rolled. The sprung rear wheels of VELA Twist ensure that indoor obstacles such as bumps can be easily and safely traversed.

The parking brake is easy to use and stylishly concealed in the wheel. Moreover, the large wheels ensure that even in a small space you can still manoeuvre with excellent flexibility.

Everything in Reach

VELA Twist is a chair you can use throughout the day, whether you’re eating at the table, working at the computer or want to grab something from a kitchen cupboard. Thanks to the additional electric high-low reach, it’s all possible with VELA Twist. It is easy and safe to work at a heigh. The seat height can be electrically adjusted from 40 cm to no less than 74 cm. The chair can be effortlessly lifted high, while its stable base will ensure that the chair is always firmly grounded.

Individual Adjustment

Seat depth, back and armrest is adjustable to fit your personal needs. The in-house upholstery workshop at our factory is able to accommodate special requirements for colours and materials.

Top quality and design

The design focuses on ergonomics, safety and VELA’s high quality standards. Moreover, the chairs have been developed to comply with all applicable requirements and standards. The minimalistic Scandinavian design makes this assistive device look like a normal chair.

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