VELA Tango 400

VELA Tango 400 is a Multi-Dynamic work chair designed for active people who want the ultimate chair for use at home or at their place of work.

VELA Tango 400 is a highly sophisticated work chair in modern design focusing on a dynamic sitting position, optimal ergonomics, safety and comfort for all, particularly for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. This Multi-Dynamic chair offers a large number of adjustment features and settings to fulfill the most important ergonomic parameter of all: the quick and easy change of sitting position.

A chair like any other – with discreet safety functions

At first glance VELA Tango 400 does not look like a standard work chair – the familiar VELA Tango brake handle is not visible. However, the handle is discreetly located under the seat. The four-wheel central brake ensures complete stability – also on uneven surfaces. In addition, the four-wheel base provides straight and stable movement as well as room for your feet to move. The stable base and central brake prevent the chair from moving and make it easy to get in and out of the chair.

Multi-Dynamic™ – ensures optimal sitting posture

VELA Tango 400 is a Multi-Dynamic™ work chair that can be adjusted to suit the individual user. All key parts of the chair can be adjusted to custom fit the chair to the individual user. Adjustment features include synchronous function, adjustable armrests, seat and back and, naturally, height adjustment. All functions are operated with clearly marked ergonomic handles for easy and quick adjustment.

Synchronous function – reclined sitting position

VELA Tango 400 has a synchronous seat and back tilt function providing optimally dynamic sitting positions. The synchronous tilt facilitates the change of position to a reclined posture with less back stress.

Adjustable seat

The adjustable seat promotes an active sitting position too: The seat tilt supports different sitting positions and the adjustable seat depth supports the lower back according to the user’s needs. The rotation of the seat, 90 degrees in each direction, allows for the change of sitting position without moving the chair.

Adjustable backrest

The backrest comes in two heights. It is height-adjustable and may be angled to achieve ideal back support. A headrest may be mounted on the tall backrest for even better support and comfort.

Adjustable armrests

The armrests can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally to support the back and shoulders and increase stability when sitting and getting up from the chair. The large hand knob is highly user-friendly, and the self-locking mechanism prevents the armrest from moving accidentally.

Ergonomic chair and excellent comfort

All VELA chairs focus on ergonomics. The seat and back of Tango 400 are specially designed by VELA’s own upholstery department. VELA has more than 75 years of experience with sitting positions, and you will appreciate this as soon as you sit in a VELA chair.

High Quality

VELA Tango 400 has been tested and approved, and it complies with all applicable requirements and standards.


VELA Tango 400 comes in Zoom fabric, seven colours, 100% quality trevira CS. The Ergonomic Plus model has extra seat and back comfort thanks to the fabric – 100% padded quality polyester in black or sand.

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