VELA Tango 300

Designed for large people, up to 200 kg.

VELA Tango 300 and 300E are designed for bariatric individuals and can be used at home, at the workplace and in rehabilitation or training facilities to secure an optimal sitting position as well as mobility, safety and comfort for large people.

VELA Tango 300 comes in 3 models – VELA Tango 300 with manual height adjustment (gas spring operated), Tango 300 with a fixed sitting height, and Tango 300E with electric height adjustment of the seat.

  • Safety: The stable base and central brake prevent the chair from moving. Combined with the strong armrests, this increases safety when sitting and getting in and out of the chair.
  • Comfort: The ergonomic seat and backrest ensure good sitting comfort and support.
  • Mobility: The chair is easy to move around due to smooth-rolling castors. The height adjustment supports mobility when sitting and getting in and out of the chair. The chair offers bariatric users the opportunity to interact and participate in everyday life more easily.

Top quality and design: The design focuses on ergonomics, safety and VELA’s high quality standards. Moreover, the chairs have been developed to comply with all applicable requirements and standards.

Accessories for VELA Tango 300:

VELA Tango 300 may be tailored to suit each individual user perfectly, and the following accessories are available:

  • Custom fit seat and backrests
  • Head support
  • Leg support
  • Different types of upholstery and a large selection of colours
  • Different types of armrests
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