VELA Samba 100

VELA Samba 100 serie with five-wheels. Can also be delivered with armrests.

The VELA Samba series is a range of standing chairs and stools for better ergonomic seating at home or at work.

VELA Samba chairs have a small, compact five-wheel base, which is available with different types of castors. Seat and back support an active sitting and standing position – some even increase movement and stimulate and train the back.

VELA Samba chairs are simple, versatile chairs for active people, ideal for e.g. hospitals, clinics, dentists and opticians – for the professional staff and for everybody else who shift between sitting and standing. VELA Samba chairs are recommended for the therapy ward or clinics where people need very low or high seats and also need to move around. VELA Samba chairs are used for active sitting, which promotes a healthier back.

The design focuses on ergonomics, safety and VELA’s high quality standards. Moreover, the chairs have been developed to comply with all applicable requirements and standards.

VELA Samba standing chairs

VELA Samba 100, 110, 120, 130 are standing chairs supporting an active sitting position as well as a semi-standing and standing position. The height adjustment and tilt of the seat combined with the adjustable backrest support an open hip angle and thereby an active sitting position.

VELA Samba standing chairs reduce the pressure on the back and promote mobility of hands, shoulder, neck and head.

They are simple, safe and active work chairs recommended for industry and office use as well as for clinics, laboratories and home use – to get closer to the desk and for height-adjustable work tables too. The small base of these chairs makes it easy to store them when not in use and for clinical staff to treat patients while seated.

  • VELA Samba 100 – Standing frame chair with flat ergonomic seat. Provides good support for portrait work.
  • VELA Samba 110 – Sit-stand chair with a special seat with a raised front, called a chapter. It provides extra support and good comfort, even when the seat is angled forward active position.
  • VELA Samba 120 – Sit-stand chair that gives the user an almost open hip angle, therefore offering the user an almost normal standing position.
  • VELA Samba 130 – WITHOUT BACKREST. Sit-stand chair as VELA Samba 120 – without backrests. It is a handy little slidingbar back.

Here you can more clearly see the difference between the three types of seat:

VELA Salsa/Samba 100VELA Salsa/Samba 110VELA Salsa/Samba 120 seat

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